A Bear's Tale #TBT: An American in Paris
April 4, 2018
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I am not an ageist. I like men of all ages provided they act like an adult. Of course, a great connection and common interests are also important.

I had "met" through a gay website a young French man named Alexandre. He wasn't even 21 yet but he was cute and looked more like a man - I don't want to date a boy. Not even if they are an adult and looked young...I want to go out with a man.

We chatted a long time before we even met in real life.  We had very nice conversations on the bearwww site (www being the world wide woof).

I had always wanted to go to Paris, so I finally did make the plan to go - not only for French culture but to met Alexandre, who was now 21.

He greeted me at the airport. What a tall fellow. I love tall men. I think he was about 6’5” - maybe a bit less.

He smiled at me as if he were in love with me. It’s so nice to have adoration from someone about 15 years my junior. It's a great feeling at any age.

Alex just kept looking at me. I will always remember that look. I don't mean just from him, but one of the greatest feelings a person can have is to look in the eyes of someone else and see their feelings for you inside of their eyes. Kind of a glimpse into their heart.

Alex also was a bit shy with his English as he didn’t think he could speak it well. I love accents and foreign languages, so it was my pleasure to hear his attempts at speaking - and for the most part, he did a pretty good job.

I was surprised at the maturity of Alexandre - but I actually think Europeans are more mature than Americans.

After the familiarities were over, Alex did confess something. He had met a man, started dating and can only be my friend.

Is he kidding? That look in his eyes shows he wants more than friendship. I just knew it. So what do you say?  Thanks buddy, pal, chum?

Or in my case chump?

So Alex took me to the hotel and said I can have a nice rest and then he would show me the sights. So I went to our room - with a bed for two - and laid down and Alex just sat and watched me. I asked why he was smiling and he said because I was so beautiful.

I asked him to lay down too as I couldn’t rest with someone watching me. Tired from the flight, I did manage to fall asleep. When I woke up there was Alex, awake and smiling.

I said why are you smiling now. He said because he can’t believe I was there. I told him that I am glad he’s happy and he can think of me now as his good American friend. Alex then said he wanted to make love to me but still keep his boyfriend.

I said it can’t be much of a relationship as new boyfriends don’t let their partners go meet internet men at the airport and stay a few days in Paris. He said that his boyfriend was not understanding about his visit and said he shouldn’t bother coming home. Then I said, so you broke up? He said no. I then asked how long they’ve been together. He said two weeks.

Well this might have been where he showed his young age. But without dwelling on it, I said to myself, when in Paris...

So while I had hoped to see the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower, Alex and I stayed in bed for three days. We did it in every position and spent a lot of time chatting in bed. I LOVE pillow talk.  We lay there naked and learning about each other. And everything he said with a French accent made it even sexier.

Alex, for a young man of 21, was also very humble. He had actually shared with me prior to our meeting a picture of himself in a towel. There was a big bulge in that towel. I asked him if he was packing heat and he said it was a shadow.

He was modest. When I first reached into his underwear to pull his dick it, it just never ended.  It was like a hose! I am sure he could put out any fire with that cock. So I started calling his big dick the bonus. He was sexy and sweet in every other way, but to find this beautiful cock was just the icing on a cum cake!

While having non-stop sex sessions, most of our food was delivered  When we FINALLY did go out, Alex was really good at explaining different foods and he seemed to have quite a sophisticated palate. Very impressive for such a young man.

We finally did venture out to see the city we did so as lovers. Paris is for lovers after all.

We did make it to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre (which was closed but looked nice from outside).

We’d stop for teas and coffees and ice creams in parks and walks in squares. All we needed was a theme song and a montage shot and we’d have our romantic movie moment.

Alex picked a nice restaurant for dinner. I was surprised how much he knew about food and table manners and he was just 21. A 21 year old American is cramming food into his mouth using his fork as a shovel.

He really ate with care and delicacy. He really wanted me to try foie gras. I never had a desire and don’t really care to. But he said it is so much better in France than anywhere. So I did. Still hated it. Liver is liver in any accent.

He also a very good tour guide, who counted how many French words I knew as they came out naturally when I'd say hello, goodbye or excuse me.

Alex taught me something very interesting about French people which I still think of to this day. A lot of Americans think French people are snobs and get offended when we don't speak their language properly. I learned through Alex, French people don't understand our pronunciation when we don't say it right. They're not being snobs, they just don't understand what we're saying.

I remember Alex at the time lived in Perpignan, France. When I'd say it, I'd say it like Papillon. They sound the same to me - but not to the French person. Even when Alex would say Perpignan and Papillon, I'd hear the same word.

Also, in our time arond time,  we did experience a really odd and funny moment that Alex and I still recall to this day - years later.

We went to a mall in Paris and I tripped over this little step that I didn't see and I was about fell flat on my face, but instead I put my arms out like I was hang gliding and tried to balance myself so I didn't fall, clearing a path of shoppers through the entire mall until I came to "a landing" (or balanced myself out). It was so surreal I just remember thinking "If you fall, you'll break something and ruin your trip." So I just surfed my way through the mall until I could come in for a safe landing. If I recall, people applauded when I finally stopped.

Anyway, Alex and I ventured back to our room for our final night. He was leaving the next day and was kind of cold to me. I felt it was his way of making it easier to leave. If he feels a little anger, that will make the goodbye easier.

The next day I went with Alex on the Metro and took him to the train to go home. I am such a melodramatic queen at goodbyes that I usually cry, which makes me feel very vulnerable. So when Alex left, I did wave goodbye as tears came down my sunglass-guarded face.

Alex and I stayed in touch for quite a long time - always hoping to rekindle what we had - especially after he ended it with his boyfriend. But we never did see each other again. Alex did come to the USA one time that I know of but he came to visit another man, Oddly, we are still in touch and I don't know why he didn't reach out to me when he was coming to America. Perhaps one day we'll meet again.

But I will always remember this great week with Alex in one of the world's most romantic cities. We had great sex, even better conversations, I learned I already knew 38 French words  - all of this while I was able to enjoy Alex's big bonus.

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