A Bear's Tale #TBT: Looking for Love and Sex All Around the World
April 26, 2018
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I love Europe. The culture. The countries. The men.

While I prefer Italian, my favorite city is Amsterdam. I met one of my best friends in Amsterdam and have had some great sexual and romantic dates there. Exploring the museums is also great. I particularly love Museum Boat, a trip through the canals in which you can get on and off to see different sights.

Besides the great culture and it being a walkable city, the people in the Netherlands seem to have no pretense and are very chill. And - they most all speak English! So many Americans only know one language, so this is the perfect place not to feel so foreign in a foreign land.

On one trip I met Rod. He exudes Europe as he was a Greek man who happened to live in Scotland. I never thought he'd show an interest in me as he was always surrounded by a posse of fans at the Amsterdam annual bear event. I forget the name of the event but it was sponsored by Dikke Maatjes, the "big and bear" club.

I remember at registration for the bear event, there was this tall, sexy, hairy muscular man - he was also dressed in a harness so perhaps a little too intense for me. Besides, he was a God, so why would he even talk to me.

The next day the bear event was at the Web. I thought it was an internet cafe so I dressed in a nice pair of shorts and a cute shirt. It rained on my way there, so I got soaked. But when I walked in, it was no internet cafe. It was a leather bar with porn playing everywhere. And since there were bears there, cake was also served.

I was so embarrassed about being in the wrong outfit. And who should walk in, Rod! Still sexy and hot and now at least in approachable clothes. But I looked like such a goody two shoes and out of my element, so I fled from the Web.

The final bear event day I decide to go on the boat cruise. Just my final chance to meet new people. Shortly after I got my ticket, I saw Rod.

In the crowd of men, I maneuvered myself to be right next to him. And then I did the Kevin move, I bumped into him. “Oh I’m so sorry,” I said. “Why aren’t you American,” he replied. He told me he visited the states a few years back for the International Bear Rendezvous (cool I thought - that's in San Francisco near me).

As we walk to the boat, I just chatted away, found out that Rod was a doctor who loved to make Greek pesto naked. Yum, I want some.

We got to the boat, I got on first. I sat alone at a table. I chanted to myself  "Please sit next to me. Please sit next to me" over and over.

Rod got on the boat behind me, sat at my table, took my hand and started kissing it.

I love my own true life moments that seem like from one of the many movies I've seen and this seemed like the start of a great romantic adventure.

I was so smitten by Rod and his seduction that, still to this day, I have no idea what anyone on that boat said or the drinks I was poured and drank, all I know is I was so into Rod and got drink on his beauty.

When we docked, I boldly said, “Your place or mine.” So we went to mine.

Still feeling as we were in a movie, Rod took off his clothes - damn was he fine - and then he took off mine. He also grabbed my hand, took me to the shower, and leathered me up and cleaned me everywhere. It was so sexy, sensual....hot.

We went to bed and I just smiled. Actually, I’m smiling right now. Rod did make one bad move, he said he lives in the country and not much contact with men so he doesn’t need a condom. And to trust him, he’s a doctor. I said, “Rod, you are unbelievably hot, but you need a condom...you may live in the country but right now you’re at a bear event with wall to wall men. So he used it.

And then we spooned. He fell asleep. I just smiled. I kept thinking if I could only reach my camera. But then I thought the flash would wake him up. I just smiled for hours with big, muscular furry Rod’s head on my chest.

When he woke up, it was still like a movie as he wasn’t ready to go - he wanted to know if I wanted to go to dinner. Wow, a real gay man’s date - sex first, dinner later.

We went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Amsterdam right on a Canal called Casa di David. I swear this is a movie, there were people outside, but they seemed to escort us right in and put us at a lovely table by the window, with the moon as our light.

Rod reached over several times and caressed my cheek and sometimes fed me bread. We talked and talked...and again...I don’t know what we talked about as I was under his spell.

We stayed there for quite some time and when we left, we exchanged phone numbers. We stood on a corner where we had to part, holding and kissing each other. He keep wanting me to leave first so he could watch me walk again. He also asked me to call in the morning before I go so he could wish me a proper goodbye.

I did call the next morning but I got voice mail. I called again when I got home. Voice mail.

I emailed him and told him that was the greatest date I ever had and hope to have him making me pesto soon. No reply.

I tried one more time by phone and I reached him. He said he had a good time too but that’s all there could be because I was “too verbose.”

I really wasn’t that sad as that one night was magic.

And I did learn later that Rod was kind of a player in the bear world. He played me. But you know, players know just what to do and that was still the greatest date I ever had.

In retrospect, I am happy I stuck to my guns and insisted on a condom. While it was a beautiful date in my favorite city, it could have turned to an ugly memory, riddled with disease and sickness.

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