April 2, 2018
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If you're someone in the gay community, you would know I'm a bear. If you're not, then let me give you a quick tutorial. A bear is a big hairy guy - that's what I am. There are many subcultures in the gay community and even the bear community, but rather then defining all of them - from otter to cub to leather daddy, let's just say I am a big hairy guy who likes men.

​I've always wanted to be a writer and I am happy that I have found an outlet for my reviews and theatre commentary. Years ago, I actually wrote a book about my dating life as a big hairy gay man. It's been just sitting in my computer for years unedited and unfiltered. I thought though, perhaps I can post pieces of it a la Armistead Maupin. Sort of a "Bear Tales of the City."

​So I will try to post a current blog on Mondays and save a date, relationship or just a sexcapade for #tbt - Throw Back Thursdays.

​For those of you who are novices to the bear community, for the most part it's a very supportive community. There are so many friendly people out there. Almost every major city has an annual bear event and even smaller cities have bear communities which involve pool parties, movie screenings and dinners out. It's actually just a great way to meet new friends and find dates - especially when you're new to a town.

​As for me, I am a happy and I THINK adjusted individual. While single, I still hope to find love even though I am in my 50s. The good thing is, I have a great community of friends - so I don't feel unfulfilled as a single man. I am very happy with my circle of friends. So I am content. Not completely content as I still yearn for the the loving touch of a man, a date of pillow talk where you spend the evening getting to know someone.

​On dating sites, I am sfromanticbear. That doesn't mean I sometimes don't just give in and have sex. But I really do value cuddles, pillow talk and getting to know someone as much as I like getting off.

​Don't think I am a prude - as you read in the weeks and months ahead, I've had my share of being a whore. I've had sex in jewelry stores and even with porn stars on their day off. I've also had some great romantic dates.

​While I call myself a romantic bear, I still do get guys who send me cock pictures which I enjoy and shots of their butt holes, which I don't. Even when they say they too are romantic or looking for a relationship, it doesn't take long before a guy is sending you a cock picture. There's a terrific play "Miserable with an Ocean View" that sums this up when a sister asks her brother why are there so many penis pictures on his phone. He says, "That's how gay men say hello."

​In many ways that is so true. I do look for dates and hope for love. But I often give in to the sex part - which oftentimes, when that's over - so is the idea of a possible relationship.

​But after decades of dating and having a record number of sex partners in 2016, I am not done hoping for love. I thought I'd share my journey with you. I do hope you find it worth following as I have some really sexy, dirty and romantic tales to share with you.

There three pictures of me from the beginning of adulthood 'til now.

​So subscribe and come share the journey with me. ​

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