Am I In Danger Girl? I Keep Getting Ghosted!
April 30, 2018
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Over the last few weeks, I've felt my dating life is revitalized.  Or so I thought.

I hadn't been on OkCupid and Bigger City in a while and found I had all of these unanswered messages from some quality chasers.

​Sure a few were bogus, but many of them seemed of real and worthwhile.

I reached out to these guys and felt I had a dating pool of maybe 5 or 6 quality men. But then the numbers started to dwindle.

Many of these guys seemed great for chatting but when you said, let's meet - they disappear.

Not in the way the catfish disappear, these seemed like genuine men who may just want a pen pal. At the end of the day, a pen pal is okay, but why don't people just say that.

First there's the sexy Scandanavian man who lives in Fremont and works for Google. We set up good times to meet for days I would be in Fremont. But when I mention a specific date and time, he is off OkCupid until AFTER the date has passed.

Then there's the sexy guy in San Francisco who works in HR and has been in the Bay Area since 2014 and liked my pictures so much he said I make him want to "slurp."  We flirted a bit, shared some of our interests and then he ghosted me. The list of similar situations just kept growing.

There's even a guy who sought me out on Facebook AND Bigger City and when I tried to make a date - he's too busy with his new job.

But I'm not giving up! I "met" this really nice guy through Bears 4 Chasers (a Facebook group) and he seemed really nice and interested - but he's in New York (for now). He says he's moving to the Bay Area - so we'll see.

Dating is like a rollercoaster. It's got its ups and its downs. The trick is you just need to make sure it's a ride you're willing to take. And if it works out, it's a hell of a ride.

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