Audrey II: Date? Mate? Or Hate?
March 27, 2020
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Day 12 of #AtHomeFilmFestival has a movie super hard to find film unless you speak Czech or Italian. “Little Otik” aka “Greedy Guts” aka “Otesanek” is about a barren couple where the husband shapes a tree root into a baby to lift up the spirits of his wife. Spoiler alert: that tree baby needs more than water to survive so stay away neighbors and mailmen!

Where do you find this gem? No place. You can see bits and pieces and put them together like a puzzle on YouTube - complete with subtitles. Or, you can actually on YouTube see it in full - but in I Czech and Italian AT THE SAME TIME AND NO SUBTITLES! But this oddity can still be enjoyed that way!

I don't know how my friend Barbara ever got a hold of the DVD but wish she never returned it to the DVD store (remember those). You can buy it on Amazon for $45-75 if you really want it.


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