Does "X" Mark the "G" Spot?
February 15, 2021
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"X," a recently released film on all streaming platforms, starts off paying homage to "Eyes Wide Shut."

But if you follow the pace and unfolding of the story from director and co-writer Scott J. Ramsey, you will start to fit puzzle pieces together in more of a modern Shakespearean tale as a group of northern Californians who get together for an ongoing masked event that leads to a sex party.

The characters are very sexually fluid and the movie doesn't focus on gay or straight. It focuses on desires and fetishes. The parties start off innocent enough with a time to mingle and dine. Guests are permitted to leave after that.

But if you stay, you're able to succumb to your hidden desires. The movie is not even close to being on the verge of porn. Instead, it delves into what turns people on, often with flashbacks that may have triggered their initial sexual interest.

That is juxtaposed to scenes of the event planners, mainly X (played by Hope Raymond). It shows X in her everyday life as Christian and shows how she tries to seduce people into attending these events.

For a somewhat low budget ($150K), "X" is very stylized and seductive. The set used for the house is somewhat grandiose and looks just like a place you'd go to in order to not only feel free, but to feel you're living the life of the rich and famous. Perfect for those who remain as there is quite a fee to attend these parties.

Ramsey, with co-writer Hannah Katherine Jost, painstaking put their heart and soul into every aspect of this film - from sets to music to casting. You can see their passion on the screen.

The film might have benefited from a bit of editing, but with the budget they had and the quality of the final project, "X" is definitely worth a look.

Available on all popular streaming devices.

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