He Liked Me Two Feet More Than Anyone Else
May 7, 2018
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Sometimes, I get my dating advice from the movies.

I had decided to follow the "advice" from "What's Your Number?" and "Baggage Claim" - maybe I need to re-date someone that I might have passed up or thrown back.

I was less chill back in the day and pickier for no reason. Sure it's okay to pass on people who were racist or you have no chemistry but I remember rejecting a man because I didn't like the amount of butter he put on his roll. Or someone that used to overtalk. Me? Rejecting someone who was verbose! It's like rejecting myself.

Recently, I came across a gentleman I went out with. Liam and I had a wonderful evening.

It was in New York in 2012. I remember the year because part of our date included the Tony winning play "Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike."  Liam was tall and had a sexy accent. He was also well schooled and mannered. He is definitely husband material.

After our date of chatting and a show, we did get intimate.  Turns out, Liam has a fetish of sorts.

Truth be told, we all have fetishes - some people just call them preferences. I love to hear a sexy foreign language in my ear or feeling my penis rub on a Fred Flintstone-type stubbly face. I also get really excited to feel rock hard muscular arms.

Is that a fetish or just a preference?

Liam  happen to love feet. He wants to make love to feet. He wants to appreciate feet. He wants to caress feet. Some might find that odd - but think about - I can have very tired feet and then if I met up with Liam, we'd cuddle, chat and then he would spend maybe a few hours massaging my toes and feet. Then he might suck them - and he will definitely fuck them. For the massaging part, it is sensual and relaxing. Don't tell Liam, but I would pay for this service.

But to see him get off on my feet really gives me the same feeling I'd get for making anyone else happy in bed. You know what I mean, if you can get someone off with your mouth, hand or ass, then why not the feet? I am making Liam happy and he's done things to make me happy.

​I had a great time with him in and out of bed - and like many gay men, I didn't follow up much since I left New York. I've been back a few times, but mostly where I had such a busy schedule that I didn't take the time to reach out to such a special and sexy guy. So Liam might think he's rubbed me the wrong way.

We've stayed in touch on Facebook - but in the most surface level way - just reading about each other in our social media feeds.

Recently, however, Liam added a beard and asked people what they thought of it. While I try to be a man who goes below the physical appearance, Liam rocked that beard. Yes I was then drawn to him even more sexually. But then I had a movie montage moment of our time in New York in 2012 before sex and during our chats and still think of him as more as a sexual partner - but of someone of substance that I happen to enjoy sleeping with.

Then, while thinking I should reconnect with Liam, I noticed he was in San Francisco. My sexy, smart friend was here? I immediately reached out to him but alas, it was his last night in the Bay Area.

He's back in New York now. But we did reconnect and I mentioned I should be there before the season is over. What I'll bring with me is a big smile to see his face and tired feet so he can rub me the right way.

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