Realness sometimes makes for a Captivating Narrative
January 26, 2021
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"I'll See You Around," on-demand Feb. 2 through most services, is the story of Lucas (co-written and starring Lucas Monroe).

Lucas seems to do everything he can to make for a wonderful future for himself and his daughter in Ithaca, New York. But like many of us when he takes two steps forward, there's something pushing him one step back.

Perhaps it's his just-out-of-jail brother who steals his laptop, preventing him from finishing school projects. Or maybe it's his conflicts with his baby's mama and his current girlfriend.
Whatever it is, Lucas wants to succeed. And the likeability of Monroe makes us want this as well.

"Around" is one of those rare movies that takes snapshots of someone's life and we are on the outside looking in.

Director/co-writer Daniel Pfeffer, a childhood friend of Monroe, becomes a storyteller worthy of following. He quilts together many interesting patches of Monroe's tale, making it fresh and believable.

The movie doesn't haven't an array of peaks and valleys and that's okay as life isn't always a rollercoaster of emotions. Lucas the character shows he wants to keep his life moving forward and Lucas the actor makes us hope he succeeds.

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